You have a vital role to play in helping your child become a confident and enthusiastic reader.

The Literacy Hub provides information about one important way to help your child to read, called 'phonics'. You can find some simple ways to support your child as they begin to recognise how sounds and letters combine to make words, and then to identify sound–word patterns. What is phonics? will provide you with more information about the what and why of this key element of literacy.

Here on the Literacy Hub you can find a Phonics Check and a Reading Awareness Check for families. The Reading Awareness Check is a simple observation check list that families can do at home.

The Check has been made available so families can get a sense of how their child is developing in learning to read.

You can also find out about the Year 1 Phonics Check, a quick way that teachers can learn more about key aspects of your child's reading progress.

You can find some tips and literacy skills activities for families in the Literacy at home section.